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Counting your bars

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Counting your bars

Being a local producer I see alot of the problems novice rappers face. One of the major ones I have noticed is alot of the questions I hear are "did I write enought?" I often hear alot of what I like to call "run-on rap" those verses that never stop at a designated point in the beat but just keep going until there is no beat left. Though there are those select few that can naturally tell where to stop writing just by listening to the beat for when the rythm changes. Others have no clue.

What is a bar?

A bar is another term for a measure (or 4 counts). Every 4th count is a bar ie. 1231, 1232, 1233, 1234, etc.... Not the common misconception that it is every line that you write on your paper.

When writing your verse listen to the beat several times counting the bars to get a feel for the beat and how you are going to write to it to make it flow with the beat. Make sure at the end of your 16 (most common) or 8 bars that you END it and it sounds like the end of a verse, dont make the mistake of taking a way too long verse and just cutting it wherever the vers changes to the chourus. Not only will it not fit, your audience will be able to tell it was "forced" and doesn't have the natural feel of a song that is complete and not rushed.

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