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Monday, July 25, 2011


NO MATTER WHAT any transaction of money that has to do with your career shoud have a signed agrrement to go alng with it. It could be as simple as writing a couple sentences on a piece f paper and having it signed by both parties (yourself and the person you are giving money to). A contract between the two of you will solidify any promises made to you and will garuntee you are not getting the "run around". I dont want to say trust noone ........but trust NOONE when it comes to giving them money for a service. Especially if you are not familiar with them or their work. Besides anyone who has the credentials will probably have this done anyway for legalreasons of their own. Money isn't the only thing you should worry about either your music in general should also have a contract involved when being handed around if you don't have the proper copyrights. Think about this if you had a song that was so good that they just HAD to sign you and you didnt have it copywrited, which would be easier, signing a new artist and paying them or using an artist that they already pay to put that song out.

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