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Solicited and Unsolicited material

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Solicited and Unsolicited material

If you've ever called a record label directly you have heard the term "we don't accept unsolicited material". Some of you may be asking yourself, "What exactly does that mean?"

Solicited Material

Say you've been making music for quite some time now and you do a show at your local club. Little do you know, a famous record label rep. is in the audience and he is watching YOU. After an amazing set you get off stage towards the back of the club to enjoy yourself and your stopped and asked if you would send your CD to the record label he represents. That's solicited material, because the label asked for it. Another example would be if you had your manager or legal representation contact the label and if they are recognized as a valuable player in the "game" the label will ask for your material as well.

Unsolicited Material

I know you can use a little common sense to figure out that this is just the opposite of solicited material.
ie. Just sending your mixtape or demo to the record label without their consent in any way shape or form.

Note: Some record labels DO accept UNsolicited material, you just have to call and ask yourself, because they change frequently.

A list of industry contacts can be found here.

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