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Monday, July 25, 2011


What a great Keyboard! From the day I ordered it online I was like a kid on chrismas. The ReMOTE SL is truly a revolutionary keyboard. From its flawless, intelligent control of all major sequencers and all automatable plug-ins to its 8 customizable trigger pads, this keyboard will not let you down. The seamless syncing to almost any midi enabled software makes the ReMOTE SL a force to be reconed with. Definetely a great buy for an aspiring producer and at an affordable price it won't break the bank. I highly recomend the ReMOTE to anyone looking for a keyboard that can accomplish any of their demands.


  • Automap- instantly contol sequencers and plug-ins. Automap takes the headache of assigning the midi parameters for the ReMOTE.
  • 144 character lcd screen- takes the need to use the computer screen as much by displaying all pertanent data right on the keyboard
  • Semi-weighted keys with aftertouch- Makes playing the keyboard as genuine as the real thing
  • Speed dial and PAC-with a click the speed dial takes over whatever the mouse is focused on.
  • Huge array of controls- set to the artists needs to make even the most complicated plug-in seam easy.
  • Programmable drum pads- perfect for samples or sketching a beat, no need for a separate controller.
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