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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Image Is Key

So you wanna be a superstar? Have you really taken the time to know what this takes? Well first and foremost to reach superstar status you have to know yourself as a rap artist or even as a producer (yes producers need an image as well). Ask yourself, "how do i want to be remembered?" Many rap artists will put out out just about anything and call it "diversity". Not exactly a bad thing, but too much of it can cause confusion with your audience and can potentially lose you fans in the long run. The key is to find an area where your style and a little diversity can combine and find a balance.

Who Are You?

Not only who are you as a rapper, you really do have to know who you are all around. Making music is a way of opening up in a way you couldn't anywhere else (if you don't know what I'm talking about this probably isn't the blog for you). The image you portray makes or breaks your music career in the long run. You have to always remember, your fans will want to know more about you so keep it 100% real from day one and your fans will stay loyal for the entirety of your music career, fill your music with stories and you will discredit your future work. i.e. if you live in the suburbs, stray away from saying your from the "hood" or your a killer and if you work at McDonald's don't lie about the money you don't have. You have to really consider what you can offer as an artist and how you want to be viewed during the course of your career.  Be creative, take chances, the next big thing is always created by the person who did what everyone else was scared to do and what no one thought would work.

Being cocky isn't always bad

Don't get me wrong, don't become arrogant. Just add some "edge" to your music attitude makes all the difference. The only way to truly become the best is to actually believe you are, point blank. Confidence shows and it commands attention, nobody got anywhere second guessing themselves. If you don't like something you wrote.....trash it! have to be hard on your self. Don't let a song your not sure about come close to any material you promote, bring your "A" game.

Something to remember: This is a business of selling yourself, it's not enough to make good music you have to make the people WANT to hear you.

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